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The Oscars - 2016

By Celebrity Stylist Georgette Sweet Did some hair for the #oscars2016 today. My set up wouldn't be complete without @whitesands_haircare; my absolute favorite is the Liquid Texture Thermal Spray, no flakes and it protects your hair beautifully!  Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCYQCiaAhso/

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Rosewood Actress - Jaina Lee Ortiz

Actress Jaina Lee Ortiz from the FOX TV Series Rosewood By Celebrity Stylist Brian Steven Banks When I'm in the trailer and the heat is on and the camera is ready and the 1st ad is yelling for the actors to come hurry up and wait, White Sands is the one I actually use to get the job done...told you, I love White Sands. It may not look like it but Jaina's hair is very fine and frizzy. I'd been battling with these flyaways and cringing in video village watching playback. source: Instagram

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